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Performance Counseling for
Law Enforcement

A "must have" for every FTO, trainer and supervisor of others.
116 Pages, full color

Only $31.00



Turn failure into success...


In this book you'll learn how to:

- Focus on modifying behavior while saving the relationship.  

- Create a supportive climate for the counseling.

- Provide clear behavior expectations to achieve organizational goals.

- Use an organized method to complete the performance counseling.

- Make the counseling about the behavior and not the person.  

- Create an effective behavior redirection action plan with input and effort from the follower as well as the leader.


According to the United States Office of Personnel Management:
"Most supervisors haven’t been trained in how to handle a performance-centered counseling and usually fail to hit the significant issues."  

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5th platoon "A" Squad - Dr. Fuzie top right corner - 1998

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