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Performance counseling, when done correctly, can help organizations avoid costly lawsuits by training their organization's trainers, supervisors and managers in how to correctly conduct performance counseling.

Stop making the same mistakes as others and take control of the performance counseling process... get results!

What you will learn:

In this 8-hour training seminar, participants will learn how to overcome the most frequent and common errors made by supervisors and managers while conducting performance-centered counseling.

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Dr. Chris Fuzie with his son Jason as he graduates the fire fighter academy

This works with all types of organizations and employees because it works with people

You will turn the usual failures into success by learning how to:
  -  Focus on modifying behavior.
  -  Create a supportive climate for the counseling.
  -  Provide clear behavior expectations to achieve organizational goals.
  -  Use an organized method to complete the performance counseling.
  -  Create an effective behavior redirection action plan

      with input and effort from the follower as well as the leader.
  -  Make the counseling about the behavior and not the person.


S.C.O.R.E. Performance Counseling is an employee performance-centered counseling method specifically designed by using behavioral and social science theories, psychology, decision-making, and communication skills to overcome the usual failures of supervisors, and provide the supervisor/counselor a structured method to document performance counseling. 
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SCORE Certificate of Completion (New).jpg

Participants who successfully complete the seminar training will receive a certificate of completion

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