How it works:

The training will show participants:
  1. The differences in relationship, leader role, follower role, and the primary driver of development.
  2. How Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance are impacted.
  3. The specific differences between mentoring, coaching, and counseling.
  4. How to make a coaching plan.
  5. The different types of counseling.
  6. How to overcome Communication Apprehension when discussing performance with employees.
  7. How to separate the behavior from the person while being supportive of the person, yet changing the behavior.
  8. A step-by-step method for addressing performance.
  9. How to include their perceptions and interpretations.
  10. How to show the gap in performance and expectations in a non-confrontational way.
  11. How to use Participative Decision Making and involving the employee in changing the behavior.
  12. How to create a written plan to ensure proper follow-up and documentation for both employee and supervisor to assess performance improvement.