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Performance counseling is a critical skill for any trainer but especially important for law enforcement FTO's where the difference in the performance counseling can be crucial to the safety, survival of your employees.

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"This book should be required reading for every FTO, trainer and supervisor"

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Badges and memorabilia from Chris' career.

"If only I knew then what I know now!"
                                                     -Dr. Chris Fuzie
Dr. Chris Fuzie spent over 28 years in law enforcement, many as a Field Training Officer (FTO), trainer/mentor before learning the science of how performance counseling should be done.  While completing research, Dr. Fuzie identified the 6 usual failures of performance counseling and realized he had made the same mistakes as a FTO, Sergeant and Lieutenant.  

You don't have to make the same mistakes!
In-Person Training Courses Available
Beginning January, 2023

Turn Failure Into Success:

  • Focus on modifying behavior.

  • Create a supportive climate for the counseling.

  • Provide clear behavior expectations to achieve organizational goals.

  • Use an organized method to complete the performance counseling.

  • Create an effective behavior redirection action plan with input and
    effort from the follower as well as the leader.

  • Make the counseling about the behavior and not the person.

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