Performance counseling is a critical skill for any, trainer, supervisor, manager or HR professional.  Will you make the same mistakes most people make without the proper training?   You don't have to...

New OPM Data

Would this be acceptable in your organization?

Dr. Fuzie compiled 8 years of results by the
Office of Personnel Management's study
(HR for the federal government).

And figured out why most people fail at performance counseling.  It wasn't because they didn't care, or weren't trying to do a good job.  It was some basic behavior-based practices, and he has developed a method to make you successful.
In-Person Training Courses
Beginning January, 2022
SCORE Performance Counseling Book Cover
S.C.O.R.E. Performance Counseling

Turn Failure Into Success:

  • Focus on modifying behavior.

  • Create a supportive climate for the counseling.

  • Provide clear behavior expectations to achieve organizational goals.

  • Use an organized method to complete the performance counseling.

  • Create an effective behavior redirection action plan with input and
    effort from the follower as well as the leader.

  • Make the counseling about the behavior and not the person.